Dr. Verna V. Aridon Yater Ph.D.  is an internationally acclaimed trance channel, workshop facilitator, author, speaker, spiritual healer, executive trainer and coach.  She touched the hearts of thousands of people in both groups, where she held the space for massive transformations and individually where she coaches people to take the next step to their next port of light. Dr. Yater dared to take her own leaps, walking with the energies of the masters and elders, experiencing a constant connection with those on the other side.

Dr. Yater worked in the field of personal transformation for over 30 years.  Her work included annual workshops at the Blue Mountain Center, sacred land south of Colorado Springs.  She had been tested by the ARE and was found to be one of the most accurate Trance Channels in North America.  She performed private healing/pattern removal sessions.   The Spirit Doctor Healing, brought in a wonderful team of 24 physicians and healers who trained extensively in Spirit to be able to help us in the 3rd dimension..  They participated with great dedication, love and joy.

Verna V. Aridon Yater, Phd. - Author of:  

  1. "Memories Through Time"

  2. "Mainstreaming of Children With a Hearing Loss: Practical Guidelines and Implications"

Influenced the book:  "The Butterfy rises" by Kit Tremaine

Lended vocals to: The Other Side of This CD 1992 Rykodisc, Produced by Mickey Hart

The late Dr Verna Aridon Yater who passed away in 2008 was a frequent visitor to Perth from her Blue Mountains retreat centre in the Rocky Mountains. Verna Yater was a therapist and trance channel who always had a fascinating big picture view of what is happening in the world and what we can do as individuals to help change oursevles and so the world around us. The loss of her wisdom to this world is huge, but what a profound contribution she made to many people’s lives in her lifetime.

Dr. Verna V. Aridon Yater Ph.D