Book a Long-Distance Healing Session

Is it Time to take Control of your Life?

Imagine driving down a country road.  The path is deep with ruts created from years of use.  Many items affected the rut:  heavy vehicles, rain, sand, winds..... 

Imagine a race horse with blinders.  The horse only knows the path that  he has been on so many times before, it’s instinctive,  he does not deviate from the path.  This is what the horse knows.

Imagine walking in the fog of life.  It’s easy to choose what is comfortable even though the choice makes life more uncomfortable.    LIving in the fog seems easier then attempting to enter the sunlight and dealing with all that can be seen.

Is it time to change the physical limitations affecting your life?

Don’t know where to start? 

  1. BulletA session can help you work through anything affecting your health and physical wellbeing.

  2. BulletA session can help you create a new paths, no longer following the the only path your have traveled all your life.

  3. BulletA session can help you remove the blinders  and help you see what is going on around you.

  4. BulletA session can help you feel  comfortable in the sunlight and open your vision to endless possibilities.

Whether it be emotional, spiritual or physical healing, a session works on what you need most.  I help funnel the healing...  you allow it to change your life using your own natural ability to heal yourself.


What happens in a session?

  1. It is suggested that you ‘tune in’--sit in a quiet space, clear your mind, and allow the healing energies to come to you in the timeframe provided.  You may feel tingling, heightened emotions, peacefulness, or nothing during the timeframe.  You may notice changes in the days, weeks after the session.  Example:  change in thought patterns, emotional changes, physical  changes, etc.  Your body then adjusts to the change--you may feel ill for a few hours or days as changes occur, it may also open doors to other areas for healing.  Healing has many connection points.  It is best to increase your water intake to help cleanse your body of toxins being released

Book an initial no cost initial Healing.

  1. 5 minutes is all it takes.  Send an message to the address listed below. Include your first and last name  along with your City and State.  Within a week, a date and time will be emailed to you to ‘tune in’.

Arrange  a Session:

  1. Send a message to the below address to schedule a session. Include your name, address and send a payment through to the address listed below.  A date and time will be emailed to you to ‘tune in-relax and allow the connection’.  You will receive a followup message within a few days after your session. 
    A session is $90.00.